Two Paintings by Mary Heilmann

BOMB 17 Fall 1986
017 Fall 1986

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Heilmann 1

Mary Heilmann, Rosebud, 1983, oil on canvas, 60 × 42 inches. Courtesy of Pat Hearn.

Heilmann 2

Mary Heilmann, Ming, 1986, acrylic and watercolor, 60 × 42 inches. Courtesy of Pat Hearn.

Mary Heilmann by Ross Bleckner
​Mary Heilmann
Eva Lundsager by Jessica Baran
​Eva Lundsager 01

It is difficult to make work about joy. Eva Lundsager’s watercolors (articulated with sumi ink) manage to do it, capturing, as she describes them, acts of “hysterical ecstasy.”

Star Trek, Neo-Geo: The Next Generation by Steve DiBenedetto

Portfolio curated by Olivier Mosset.

Pines by Louisa Chase
Bomb 23 Chase1 Body

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BOMB 17, Fall 1986

Spalding Gray, Angela Carter, Rodion Zaveriyayev, and Joan Mitchell.

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017 Fall 1986