Two Paintings by Katharine Kuharic

BOMB 40 Summer 1992
040 Summer 1992

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Katharine Kuharic 01 Bomb 040

Katharine Kuharic, (The Artist), 1991, watercolor on paper, 18 × 24 inches. Courtesy Berland Hall Gallery.

Katharine Kuharic 02 Bomb 040

Katharine Kuharic, Prick, 1991, oil on linen, 18 × 24 inches. Courtesy Berland Hall Gallery.

Falling Moon by Stephanie Sanchez
Stephanie Sanchez, Falling Moon, 1982, oil on board, 14 x 18 inches. Collection of Carmela Scaggs.
Entries from the Imagined Bestiary 50 Beasts to Break Your Heart by GennaRose Nethercott

Yunes were human once. / They nursed babies and baked bread and made love beneath the shade of the willow tree. / Then they were drowned in the bog on the edge of town. / The marshlands kept them flawless. / Their skin tanned tight as a drum skin, sealing their spirits inside like caged dogs.

Three Poems by Diana Arterian
Diana Arterian Ice

Vast plates shifted littler ones / with constant sounds and heat terrible / Then there was a cleft and so a river

The Cub by Celia Dovell Bell

Leonard changed lanes without using his blinker, as was his habit. 

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BOMB 40, Summer 1992

Featuring interviews with Reno, Derek Walcott, Neal Jimenez & Eric Stoltz, George Condo, Louis Kahn, Camille Billops, Darius James, Michael Jenkins, and Joe Mantello.

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040 Summer 1992