Two Paintings by Thomas Woodruff

BOMB 52 Summer 1995
Issue 52 052  Summer 1995
Bomb 52 Woodruff2 Body

Thomas Woodruff, The Secret Charts - Fig. P, 1994-95, acrylic on linen, 28” × 24”. Courtesy PPOW.

Lisa Sanditz by Kanishka Raja
Sanditz Lisa 01
Virtual Viewing: Fantastic Women Reviewed by Karla Kelsey
Fantastic Women1 Schirn Kunsthalle

A new history of Surrealist women artists.

Loplop Persists: Max Ernst’s Collages Reviewed by Elina Alter
Max Ernst1

The imaginary as real.

The Unnamable Inspires Me: Anne Serre Interviewed by Mary South
The Fool by Anne Serre

On writing for the sound of it, scandalous joy, and the seriousness of scatterbrained expression.

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BOMB 52, Summer 1995

Featuring interviews with Helen Mirren, Chuck Close, Russell Banks, Todd Haynes, Medeski, Martin and Wood, Charles Ray, Patricia Spears Jones, Kim Dingle, Luis Barragan, and Sacred Naked Nature Girls.

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Issue 52 052  Summer 1995