Two Paintings by Lynn Umlauf

BOMB 49 Fall 1994
049 Fall 1994

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49 Umlauf 01 Body

Lynn Umlauf, Marsyas and Apollo A. 2/6/94, pastel, ink, acrylic, vellum, 37 × 32 inches. Courtesy Penine Hart.

49 Umlauf 02 Body

Lynn Umlauf, April 18, 1994, ink, acrylic, vellum, 38 × 32 inches. Courtesy Penine Hart.

Sam Messer by Mary Reid Kelley
Messer 01
Eldzier Cortor by Terry Carbone
Cortor Bomb 1

“I’m fighting between control and letting nature take its course.”

Portfolio by Lori Ellison
Ellison Lori 01 Bomb 133
Oral History Project: Stanley Whitney by Alteronce Gumby
​Stanley Whitney

“My work was just like art history; it was all Velázquez, Goya, Cézanne, and Soutine. But when I saw Morris Louis I saw a way into the present.”

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BOMB 49, Fall 1994

Featuring interviews with Kiki Smith, Arthur Miller, Steve Malkmus, Jayne Anne Phillips, Tom Noonan, Fiona Rae, John Edgar Wideman, Frank Pugliese, Diamanda Galas & John Paul Jones, and David Bowes.

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049 Fall 1994