Two Paintings by Nicholas Maffei

BOMB 19 Spring 1987
019 Spring 1987

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19 Maffei 01 Body

Nicholas Maffei, Black Nebula, 1984–5, oil on mahogany plywood, 36 × 24 inches. Courtesy of Beitzel Fine Arts Inc.

19 Maffei 02 Body

icholas Maffei, White Nebula, 1984–5, oil on baltic birch, 60 × 36 inches. Courtesy of Beitzel Fine Arts Inc.

Two Prints by Rayberry
19 Rayberry Body
Tunnels by James Casebere

This First Proof contains Casebere’s photograph Tunnels, 1995. Courtesy of the Artist.

Learning about Women by Kenny Scharf
Kenny Scharf

Learning about Women, by Kenny Scharf.

Originally published in

BOMB 19, Spring 1987

Willem Dafoe, Ross Bleckner, Janet Hobhouse, and St. EOM.

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019 Spring 1987