Two Paintings by Mimi Thompson

BOMB 19 Spring 1987
019 Spring 1987

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19 Thompson 01 Body

Mimi Thompson, Norway, 1987, ink on paper, 17 × 19 inches.

19 Thompson 02 Body

Mimi Thompson, Lady in a Hat, 1987, ink and crayon on paper, 17 × 19 inches.

Three Painters: April Gornik, Freya Hansell, and Susan Rothenberg by Betsy Sussler
Bomb 23 18 Body
Untitled Drawing (for BOMB magazine) by Eva Lundsager
47 Lundsager Body
Two Paintings by Richard Kalina
Kalina Richard 01 Bomb 038

Two paintings, titled The Rules of Engagement and Dispensation by Richard Kalina.

Two Drawings by Jeanne Hedstrom
36 Hesdstrom 1 Body

Two untitled ink drawings by Jeanne Hedstrom.

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BOMB 19, Spring 1987

Willem Dafoe, Ross Bleckner, Janet Hobhouse, and St. EOM.

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019 Spring 1987