Two Drawings by Darrel Ellis

Family Group at Amityville and The Night My Uncle Went AWOL by Darrel Ellis.

BOMB 8 Winter 1983
008 Winter Spring 1985
Darrel Ellis 01

Darrel Ellis, Family Group at Amityville, 1983, ink wash and charcoal, 29 × 38 inches.

Darrel Ellis 02

Darrel Ellis, The Night My Uncle Went AWOL, 1983, ink wash, charcoal, 30 × 40 inches.

Whitfield Lovell by Tom Otterness
Lovell 01
Two Works by Thomas Ellis & Darrel Ellis
Article 203 5  Darryl Ellis
Ghosts of History: An Interview with Jesmyn Ward by Louis Elliott
Jesmyn Ward Banner

Congratulations to Ward on winning the 2017 National Book Award for Sing, Unburied, Sing.

Studio Visit: Nina Chanel Abney by Osman Can Yerebakan
Nina Abney22

“Everything is equally treated.” 

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BOMB 8, Winter 1983

Edouard Roditi by Bradford Morrow, Taylor Meadeby Alf Young, art by Elizabeth Murray, Ellen Phelan, Pat Steir, and more.

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008 Winter Spring 1985