Two Drawings by Dan Asher

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Bomb 14 Asher1 Body

Dan Asher, Bois Chenu (Jeanne La Pucelle), 1985, oil pastel on canvas, 6’3½” × 6’4”. Images courtesy of John Good Gallery.

Bomb 14 Asher2 Body

Dan Asher, Itzam Na T’UI, 1985, oil pastel on canvas, 6’1” × 5’2”.

Untitled Drawing by Dan Asher
Page of Signs by ​Marilyn Lerner
Marilyn Lerner

A painting of oil pastel on paper, titled Page of Signs, by Marilyn Lerner.

Ruby Range by Don Steinmetz
Don Steinmetz Bomb 15

Gestural charcoal on paper drawing, Ruby Range by Don Steinmetz.

Acedia by Michele Zalopany
​Michelle Zalopany 001

Charcoal and pastel drawing on paper, Acedia by Michelle Zalopany.