TWITTER CHATTER: @TheNewAnnHirsch by Legacy Russell

Legacy Russell interviews performance artist Ann Hirsch about being scandalous, scandylicious, and the radical politics of the packaged female form in the sex-saturated era of reality television and social media.

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Ann Hirsch, Annie on the Bar, from My Slutty Vh1 Myspace photo series, in collaboration with Dmitry Minkovsky. All photos courtesy of the artist.

​Ann Hirsch 2

Ann Hirsch, Artist Annie, from My Slutty Vh1 Myspace photo series, in collaboration with Dmitry Minkovsky

Check out more of Ann Hirsch’s work by visiting her website.

Visit #LRAH on Storify by clicking here.

Legacy Russell is BOMBlog’s Art Editor. She is an independent curator, artist, writer and cultural producer.

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