troubled by Laurie Parsons

BOMB 29 Fall 1989
029 Fall 1989

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29 Parsons Body

Laurie Parsons, troubled, (detail) 1989, mixed media, variable dimensions. Inset, Installation Shot, Galerie Rolf Ricke, 1987. Courtesy of Lorence Monk.

Spirits of Manhattan by Kathleen White
Kathleen White 01 Bomb 060
The Magic Flute Back Stage by Karen Kilimnik
46 Kilimnik 01 Body
Erasure Series by Gary Simmons
Gary Simmons 01 Bomb 040

Two wall drawings, from the Erasure Series, by Gary Simmons.

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BOMB 29, Fall 1989

Featuring interviews with Kevin Spacey, Robert Gober, Deborah Eisenberg, Christopher Guest, Isaac Mizrahi, Kazuo Ishiguro, Marvin Heiferman, Bharati Mukherjee, John Heys, Maureen Conner, Hillary Johnson, and Ketan Mehta.

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029 Fall 1989