Three Works by Nayland Blake

BOMB 34 Winter 1991
034 Winter 1991

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34 Blake 1 Body

Nayland Blake, Work Station #6 (envy), 1990, steel, canvas, ceramic, tortoise and slate, 84 × 12 × 33 inches.

34 Blake 2 Body

Nayland Blake, Come Armageddon, 1990, mounted poster with potpourri and video cassette, 41 × 60 inches.

34 Blake 3 Body

Nayland Blake, Untitled, 1990, wood, glass mallard wings and steel, 12 × 16 × 6 inches. Courtesy of Petersburg Gallery.

Cildo Meireles by Dan Cameron
Meireles 1
Portfolio by Gabriele Beveridge
Gabriele Beveridge Bomb 1

Gabriele Beveridge has quite the eye for sad-looking models in posters—the kind of women who hawk things like hair dye and shampoo.

Citta by Maurizio Pellegrin
Pellegrin 001 Body

Mixed media work, titled Citta, by Maurizio Pellegrin. 

Two Works by Cady Noland
Cady Noland, Anguish, 1988. Courtesy of American Fine Art.

Anguish and Basket of Action by Cady Noland.

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BOMB 34, Winter 1991

Featuring interviews with Romulus Linney, 2 Black 2 Strong, Jessica Hagedorn, Phil Hartman, Tod Wizon, Lari Pittman, Terrance Simien, Gran Fury, Raul Ruiz, Yuri Lyubimov, and Whit Stillman.

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034 Winter 1991