Three Works by Mel Kendrick

BOMB 31 Spring 1990
031 Spring 1990

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Kendrick 1 Body

Mel Kendrick, Osage with Two Squares, 1989, osage wood, 73 x 28 x 28 inches, two views. All sculptures courtesy of John Weber Gallery. All prints courtesy of Editions Ilene Kurtz.

Kendrick 2 Body

Mel Kendrick, 1990 Woodcut, 26 x 19 ½ inches. White Log, 1986, edition of five cast bronze, 25 ½ x 8 x 8 inches, base: 44 ½ x 9 x 9 inches.

Kendrick 3 Body

Mel Kendrick, 1990 Woodcut, 22 x 14 ½ inches. Black and Red Curve, 1989, osage and ink, 23 ½ x 15 x 13 inches.

Jene Highstein by David Seidner
Highstein 01
Pushing the Conversation Forward: Dyani White Hawk Interviewed by Sheila Regan
Multi-colored acrylic, bugle beads, thread and synthetic sinew on canvas titled, Untitled (All the Colors), by Dyani White Hawk

A museum exhibition of interdisciplinary work by an Indigenous woman artist.

Investigating Violence: Jonathan Herrera Soto Interviewed by Erica N. Cardwell
Jonathan Herrera Soto1

Presenting the missing in prints and installations.

Permeable Solid: Matthew Ronay’s Betrayals of and by the Body by Wallace Ludel
Matthew Ronay1

Small, organic wooden sculptures.

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BOMB 31, Spring 1990

Featuring interviews with Jean-Paul Gaultier, Nick Cave, Joyce Carol Oates, Anton Furst, Tony Spiridakis, Larry Sultan, Liza Béar, Sally Beers, John Steppling, Lisa Hoke, Véra Belmont, Leonard Shapiro, and Christopher Brown.

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031 Spring 1990