Three Poems by Derek Webster

BOMB 79 Spring 2002

Anniversary Poem

A bouquet of flowers
Croquet for hours
A brocade of dowagers
Happy Anniversary

A warehouse conundrum
A fairground with a drum
Fairies grinding cardamom
Happy Anniversary

An office with lights
An officer who bites
Off with her tights
Happy Anniversary

Rice-colored pearls
Mouse-flustered girls
Thrice-mustered earls
Happy Anniversary



I dreamt of a natural castle
Atop a peak, all ice and grandeur,
It, too, asleep, as I walked
In my nightgown between peaks.

A golden eagle flew over, dropping a lamb
That cried as it fell.
The castle fell, slowly,
Melting and cracking as your wedding cake did
While everyone was dancing.

In the morning, you were gone.
That night, the firestorm didn’t bother me.
Nothing seemed to matter.
I wasn’t sure who to be sorry for.

Demeter as Prometheus

I am the infinite liver—Never-healer—Every autumn—Into the fire—

Crying—Circling—Ruby-sheath—Every morning—

Emptying—Healing—Every autumn—Into the fire—

Bronzed—Iron—Marble—Daughter—The nights are cold.

Derek Webster lives in Montreal and edits a new magazine, Maisonneuve. His poetry is forthcoming in Boston Review and the Antigonish Review, and can be found online in Agni, La Petite Zine, Nerve, and Slope. These poems are from a collection called Hole, currently seeking a publisher.

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Toward the end of the fifth day I paused for breath at the head of a slope of shingle slate. 

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BOMB 79, Spring 2002

Featuring interviews with Steven Holl, Stephen Mueller, Janet Cardiff, Laurie Sheck, Cornelius Eady, Victor Pelevin, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Bill Frisell.

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