Three Poems by Michael Newton

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Filled with hairspray and dog-smoke
and cigarette meat
at the meeting  in the big town-hall
of the small provincial town of
the plans
so thoroughly
laid in the day

that for being dumb strike the heart no less hard
striking the heart for being dumb no less hard
that for being dumb  do no less hard  strike the heart
strike the heart no less hard for being dumb


And we could say, to start things off, that Jagermeister
is about discovery, about conquest, but
right away, we have to clarify the difference
between Jagermeister in the world and
in our talk

I try to remember
the most Jagermeister I had in the world
and the times I had used it during the day
but I can’t hold the definition
I don’t know what Jagermeister is
I feel as if Jagermeister comes from inside me


A long line began to form at the grocery store
I was standing with my gram
and I looked at her and realized who she was
I saw her as this woman
totally separate from me or from grammahood
she wasn’t doing anything
was only waiting patiently
fingering the cover of a magazine
smiling at me
I will never know that woman who she was
she was too firmly grammunist
she drilled grammunism into me
in her quiet way

Michael Newton is a writer and a criminal defense investigator living in New Jersey. He is the author, with Emmalea Russo, of Eternal Apprentice (Doublecross Press, 2016).

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