Three Photographs by Jacki Ochs

BOMB 17 Fall 1986
017 Fall 1986

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​Jacki Ochs 01

Jacki Ochs, Beach, Leningrad, 1985.

​Jacki Ochs 02

Jacki Ochs, Soviet Artists, (left to right) Gustav, unidentified woman, Timur Novokov, Radion Tolya, Sergei Bugayev (Afrika).

Jacki Ochs 03

Jacki Ochs, Kitchen Cabinets in a Communal Apartment, Leningrad, 1985.

Portfolio by Walter Robinson
Walter Robinson Bomb 03
Leningrad by Jacki Ochs & Lyn Hejinian
Boris Smelov

We took a walk, bus ride, walk, bus ride, walk to an apartment in the middle of Leningrad, up many flights of stairs—no speaking, so the neighbors would not hear a foreign language as we passed their doors.

Polina Barskova by Michael Juliani
Polina Barskova Bomb 1

“I’m interested in subterranean culture that says ‘I will trick you’ to official culture, ‘I will play you.’”

Portfolio by Gabriele Beveridge
Gabriele Beveridge Bomb 1

Gabriele Beveridge has quite the eye for sad-looking models in posters—the kind of women who hawk things like hair dye and shampoo.

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BOMB 17, Fall 1986

Spalding Gray, Angela Carter, Gary Indiana, and Joan Mitchell by Cora Chen & Betsy Sussler.

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017 Fall 1986