Three Photographs by Boris Smelov

BOMB 17 Fall 1986
017 Fall 1986

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Boris Smelov 02

Boris Smelov, Leningrad, 1985, black and white photograph. © 1985 by Boris Smelov.

Article 804 17  Smelov 03

Boris Smelov, Leningrad, 1985, black and white photograph. ©1985 by Boris Smelov.

Leningrad by Jacki Ochs Lyn Hejinian
Boris Smelov
Wendy White by EJ Hauser
White 4 Body

In Chinatown, NYC, where Wendy White lives, new signs go up over outdated signs, new awnings are installed over old ones, graffiti is painted over, windows become walls, additions are built, architecture is modified, buildings disappear … White has become a connoisseur of these visual shifts.

Portfolio by Barney Kulok
Bk Box Body
Atlanta: Hip Hop and the South by Richard Maxwell
Atlanta Hip Hop and the South 01

Michael Schmelling made a book called Atlanta, a photo book about the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Then Richard Maxwell wrote a review of it.

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BOMB 17, Fall 1986

Spalding Gray, Angela Carter, Rodion Zaveriyayev, and Joan Mitchell.

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017 Fall 1986