Three Photographs by Kenro Izu

BOMB 16 Summer 1986
016 Summer 1986

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Kenro Izu 01

Kenro Izu, Mt. Kineo #2, 1983, silverprint.

Bomb 16 Izu 2

Kenro Izu, Sekibutsu and Pine-roots #2, Japan, 1983.

Bomb 16 Izu 3

Kenro Izu, Still life #15, 1984.

Two Photographs by Amanda Means
20 Means 01 Body
Gregory Crane: The Four Seasons by April Gornik
298519702 02112015 Gregory Crane 01 Bomb 067 Web
Two Photographs by Linda Connor
Bomb 44 Connor 001 Body

Two photographs of foreign wonders, Apollo, Mt. Nemrut, Turkey and Tree, Japan by Linda Connor. 

Two Photographs by Lynn Davis
Bomb 44 Davis 001 Body

Disko Bay #15 and Saqqara II, Dynasty III by Lynn Davis.

Originally published in

BOMB 16, Summer 1986

Linda Hunt by Vincent Caristi & Craig Gholson, Alexander Liberman, art by Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Barbara Bloom, and more. Cover art by James Nare.

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016 Summer 1986