Three Paintings by Mary Woronov

BOMB 7 Fall 1983
007 Fall 1983

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Mary Woronov 001

Mary Woronov, LA Nights, 1982, oil on canvas, 9 × 12 feet.

Bomb 7 Woronov 002 Body

Mary Woronov, Boy Dares Cars to Run Over His Girlfriend, 1982, oil on canvas, 5½ × 4½ feet.

Bomb 7 Woronov 003 Body

Mary Woronov, And Then He Hit Me, 1982, oil on canvas, 5 × 4 inches.

Studio Visit: Hiba Schahbaz by Christina D. Bartson
Bright pink and red canvases on the wall and floor featuring a nude female figure , Hiba Schahbaz studio, photo by Christina D. Bartson

Turning the gaze around.

Illustration and Language: Caitlin Keogh Interviewed by Caroline Elbaor

Painting the fragmented body.

Party Like It’s 2018: Canyon Castator’s Pissing Match by Emma Howcroft
Castator Cesspool

One painter’s apocalypse is another’s surrealist debauch.

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BOMB 7, Fall 1983

Daniel Schmid by Gary Indiana, Robin Winters, Lizzie Borden, Jorg Immendorf, Harry Kipper & Roger Herman, art by Carl Apfelschnitt, Kiki Smith, and more.

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007 Fall 1983