Three Paintings by Mark Tansey

BOMB 46 Winter 1994
046 Winter 1994

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46 Tansey 01 Body

Mark Tansey, Intermission, 1992, toner on paper, 7¾ × 7½ inches. Courtesy of Curt Marcus.

46 Tansey 02 Body

Mark Tansey, Intercepting a Dangerous Interpretation, 1992, toner on paper, 7¼ × 10 inches. Courtesy of Curt Marcus Gallery.

49 Tansey 03 Body

Mark Tansey, Victorious Ahistorians Celebrating the End of History, 1992, toner on paper, 6¾ × 9½ inches. Courtesy of Curt Marcus Gallery.

Peter Doig & Chris Ofili
Doig 01
Catherine Murphy by Francine Prose
Catherine Murphy 01 Bomb 053

Francine Prose, author of the novel Hunters and Gatherers, delves into realism and the real act of painting time with figurative painter Catherine Murphy.

Chuck Close by Lisa Yuskavage
Chuck Close 01 Bomb 052

It was in 1981 and I was a sophomore in art school when I first encountered Chuck Close’s work at a show called Contemporary American Realism Since 1960. I was struck by how it didn’t resemble any of the other work in the show.

Lileana Blain-Cruz by Branden Jacobs-Jenkins
Cast members standing on a living room set on a theater stage

Lincoln Center Theater’s new Resident Director, the first Black woman in this role, speaks about the many plays she’s directed and the importance of celebrating the rehearsal.

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BOMB 46, Winter 1994

Featuring interviews with Haruki Murakami, Ileana Douglas, Dan Graham, Mike Leigh, Campbell McGrath, Dona Nelson, Tran Anh Hung, Julius Hemphill, Stephen Wright, Robert Schenkkan, and Lawrence Gipe.

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046 Winter 1994