Three Drawings by Francoise Schein

BOMB 15 Spring 1986
015 Spring 1986
Francoise Schein 1 Bomb 15

Francoise Schein, working plan for the sculpture, A World Circuitry, 1985–86.

Bomb 15 Fschein1 Body

Francoise Schein, Integrated Brussels, 1985, pastel on paper, 22 × 30 inches.

Bomb 15 Fschein2 Body

Francoise Schein, A New York Circuitry, 1985, pastel on paper, 22 × 30 inches.

Bomb 15 Fschein3 Body

Francoise Schein, Roma, 1985, pastel on paper, 22 × 30 inches.

Mark Lombardi by Devon Golden
Lombardi 01
Four Photographs by Gunther Forg
19 Forg 01 Body

Three photographs, titled Colonia 28 OttobreMarina di MassaColonia Marina di ChiavariColonia Marina Calembrone by Gunther Forg, and an installation shot of his work. Part of the Köln portfolio. 

Domesticating Waves in the Netherlands by Stefan Helmreich
Tg Sh 1

Two years back, in the midst of anthropological research about the science and culture of wave monitoring and modeling in the Netherlands, I joined in an event called Waterwolf 2016, a flood preparedness exercise staged in the small municipality of Marken, just twenty kilometers outside Amsterdam. I

Dispatches from Proje Su by Aidan Koch & Margaret Ross Tolbert
Dscn0224 Limyra Hand

For the past five years, artist Margaret Ross Tolbert has been traveling to southern Turkey to the site of ancient Lycia, an autochthonous culture with roots in the Bronze Age, later Hellenized, and eventually controlled by the Romans.

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BOMB 15, Spring 1986

Graham Swift, Horton Foote, Ping Chong & Pablo Vela, and David Deutsch.

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015 Spring 1986