There is a Country in the World by Pedro Mir

BOMB 14 Winter 1986
014 Winter 1986

There is
a country in the world
on the same trajectory as the sun.
Native to the night.
on a staggering archipelago
sugared and rum-soaked,
         like a batwing
supported by a breeze.
            like the trace of a kiss from an old
unmarried woman
              or a day spent on rooftops.
ripe. Fluvial. And material. And
simply torrid and trampled
like a lean-hipped adolescent.
Simply sad and oppressed
sincerely wild and depopulated.
In truth.
Three million
                          amounts to life
and so much between
                   four cardinal cordilleras
and an immense bay and another immense bay,
three peninsulas with inshore islands
and a wonder of vertical rivers
and land shaded by trees and land
under brooks to the skirt of a mountain
in foothills and beyond the horizon
and land where roosters crow
and land under the gallop of horses
and land a day’s width, under a map, beyond
and beneath all the footprints halfway to love,
      is what has been declared.
                                                There is
      a country in the world
      simply wild and depopulated.

Pedro Mir was named National Poet of the Dominican Republic at age 70 in 1983.

Originally published in

BOMB 14, Winter 1986

Roy Lichtenstein, Jackie Winsor, art by Sarah Charlesworth, Francesco Clemente, and more.

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014 Winter 1986