The Wolf Series by June Kim

A selection of photographs and videos from June Kim’s Wolf series, 2009-2012.

Acadia Spaw Body

Acadia’s Paw. All images courtesy of the artist.

Me You Body

Me & You, In a Way (In Bed).

Niko Body


Fop Body

Family of Present.

Untitled Body


For more on June Kim, visit her website.

Walton Ford by Jeffrey Eugenides
Nina Katchadourian by Mónica de la Torre​
Katchadourian Nina 01

Embracing boredom and creative constraints, Katchadourian tells of in-flight artwork and other conceptual projects.

Enacting Stillness by Kay Larson

From mindful Minimalism to inaction as activism.

Les Blank’s A Poem Is a Naked Person by Alex Zafiris
Blank 1

Thanks to his son, Harrod Blank, the filmmaker’s forty-year-old documentary on musician Leon Russell is finally released.