The Wick by Matt Madden

Part of the The Wick series.

BOMB 109 Fall 2009
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Matt Madden, 2006.

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Matt Madden, 2006.

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Matt Madden, 2006.

Matt Madden is a cartoonist and the author of 99 Ways to Tell a Story: Exercises in Style.

Three Poetry Comics by Bianca Stone
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Just a Few of the Best Comics of 2016 by Chantal McStay
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There’s never been a richer time for graphic novels in all their genre-bending permutations: memoirs and literary adaptations, documentaries and short-form collections, histories and abstract pieces.

Graphic Recollections by Chantal McStay
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Aidan Koch by Chantal McStay
Aidan Koch 6 Bomb

“A lot of times I end up turning on the camera on my computer and playing something out, and pausing it and seeing what tonal or emotional nuances are there that I can work with.”

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BOMB 109, Fall 2009

Featuring interviews with Allen Ruppersberg and Cheryl Donegan, Allora & Calzadilla, Joel Shapiro, Lydia Peelle, Rebecca Solnit, Cherien Dabis, Karole Armitage and Lukas Ligeti, and Thomas Bradshaw.

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Issue 109  Cover Final