The Wick by Anders Nilsen

BOMB 122 Winter 2013
BOMB 122

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Andersnilsen Wick Body

Anders Nilsen is the author of Big Questions and Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow.

Portfolio by Dana Lok
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1000Drawing Project by Akira Horikawa
Horikawa 2001 1000
José Antonio Suárez Londoño: Portfolio by Luis Enrique Perez Oramas

This First Proof contains a portfolio of three sketchbook pages of José Antonio Suárez Londoño.

Elastic and Unbuilt: The Projective Drawing at the Austrian Cultural Forum by Alexandra Tell
Saupper Judith 01

Contending with Robin Evans and the limits of architectural drawing.

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BOMB 122, Winter 2013

Featuring interviews with David Lang, Oscar Murillo, Rude Mechanicals, Cristian Mungiu, Mark Z. Danielewski, Fanny Howe, Alix Pearlstein, and Tony Feher.

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BOMB 122