The Water Hole series #f1330 by Hazel Usher

Mixed-media piece by Hazel Usher.

BOMB 8 Winter 1983
008 Winter Spring 1985

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Hazel Usher 01

Hazel Usher, The Water Hole Series #f1330, 1983, mixed media, 41¾ × 29¾ inches.

Travelvet by Dike Blair
Bomb 15 Blair 001 Body
Two Works by Sol LeWitt
54 Lewitt 01 Body
Untitled Drawing (for BOMB magazine) by Eva Lundsager
47 Lundsager Body
Untitled by Scott Grodesky
Scott Grodesky, Untitled.

Untitled piece by Scott Grodesky.

Originally published in

BOMB 8, Winter 1983

Edouard Roditi by Bradford Morrow, Taylor Meadeby Alf Young, art by Elizabeth Murray, Ellen Phelan, Pat Steir, and more.

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008 Winter Spring 1985