The Visit (Foreign Particles) by Leandro Katz

Part of the Editor's Choice series.

BOMB 3 Spring 1982
003 Winter Spring 1982
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A binocular thriller of the mind.

The chaos between speech and language.
The terror of 200º vision.
A symbiotic burial of the referent.
A purge in twelve episodes.

35mm image sequence, synchronized sounds, 75 minutes. With Mark Heidrich and Jose Rafael Arango and the voices of Peter Gordon and Judith Hendra. Production team: Viktor Vondracek, Lynn Anander and Randy Black.

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A Murder & Linguistics Release.

Jem Cohen by J.P. Sniadecki
Jem Cohen 01
On Digital Sand by Rachel Ellis Neyra
Agnes Varda 01

Agnès Varda’s aesthetic tides change, inviting us to switch positions of viewing, knowing, and feeling, for old narratives to wash away and new portals of sensation to open up.

Issue #147: Rest in Paradise, Jonas Mekas by Marianne Shaneen
Portrait By Boris Lehman
Resisting Exploitation: Sky Hopinka Interviewed by Osman Can Yerebakan

Films that combine documentary and poetics.

Originally published in

BOMB 3, Spring 1982

Barbara Kruger & Richard Prince, Keith Sonnier, Valie Export by Gary Indiana, Alan Scarritt, and Jim Chladek. Cover by Mark Magill.

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003 Winter Spring 1982