The Santa Maria by Chris Burden

BOMB 22 Winter 1988
022 Winter 1988

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22 Burden Body

Chris Burden, The Santa Maria, 1982, wood, toys, paint, motorcycle engine, and electronic parts, 75 ½ x 15 ½ x 30 inches. Courtesy of Ronald Feldman Fine Arts Inc.

Hand Masher by Garnett Puett
Garnett Puett, Hand Masher, 1988, beeswax, steel, wood, corn in Belljar, 76 inch base. Courtesy of Curt Marcus Gallery.

A sculpture of beeswax, steel, wool, and corn in Belljar, titled Hand Masher, by Garnett Puett.

Two Sculptures by Jon Kessler
Bomb 15 Kessler Spread Body

Two mixed media constructions utilizing lights, motors, and digital computers, S.W.A.M.P.and The Invention of Solitude by Jon Kessler.

Two Sculptures by Bill Woodrow
Bomb 15 Woodrow 001 Body

Two sculptures of altered ready-mades like a chair and a locker, Harvest and Closet by Bill Woodrow.

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BOMB 22, Winter 1988

Robert Mapplethorpe by Gary Indiana, Nancy Lemann, Mike Kelley, Gary Stevens, Gleb Panfilov, Brice Marden by Saul Ostrow, and Rose English.

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022 Winter 1988