The Minotaur Sutra by Charles Henri Ford

BOMB 34 Winter 1991
034 Winter 1991
​Charles Henri Ford

Charles Henri Ford, from Layouts and Camouflages, 1977, color photograph, 10 ¾ x 14 inches.

from “The Minotaur Sutra”

Fruits of the soma
Sacrifice now occupy
The wombs of witches

I don’t know what I’ll
Do a sensory showdown
Or indifference

Clouds across the sun
You can see them when the sun
Is red shall we go

Strangely sustained consolation
Last-ditch resistance

Poinsettas poised
To slash at the virulent
Honeysuckle vine.

Meshing and timing
Subvert convert divert and
Leave without goodbyes

Now poised for the final
Take-off the beauty is in
The position

When you are between
Incarnations memory
Gives up its secrets

It’s your mortality
Not your immortality
Makes magic

Solitary seizures
Half-elliptic so are
Green flies on green silk

Charles Henri Ford, poet, photographer, filmmaker and editor of View, is now at work on his autobiography. Out of the Labyrinth: Selected Poems is published this month by City Lights.

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BOMB 34, Winter 1991

Featuring interviews with Romulus Linney, 2 Black 2 Strong, Jessica Hagedorn, Phil Hartman, Tod Wizon, Lari Pittman, Terrance Simien, Gran Fury, Raul Ruiz, Yuri Lyubimov, and Whit Stillman.

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034 Winter 1991