The Land of Pele by Ana Barrado

BOMB 16 Summer 1986
016 Summer 1986
Bomb 16 Barrado Body

Ana Barrado, The Land of Pele, 1979, black and white photograph.

Two Photographs by Amanda Means
20 Means 01 Body
Mary Lucier by Alex Klein
Wilderness Landscape

Notions of ecological precarity and technological mediation enfold in the degraded landscape; the video artist surveys her decades of prescient and pressing work.

The Energy Between Words: Emmalea Russo Interviewed by Ariel Yelen
G Cover Small

The poet on the physicality of language, making a process to mess it up, and curiosity as optimism.

Steven Holl: Making Architecture by Michael Brod
Steven Holl1

An architect starts with watercolor.

Originally published in

BOMB 16, Summer 1986

Linda Hunt by Vincent Caristi & Craig Gholson, Alexander Liberman, art by Jeff Koons, John Baldessari, Barbara Bloom, and more. Cover art by James Nare.

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016 Summer 1986