The Kitten Papers by Kunié Sugiura

BOMB 42 Winter 1993
042 Winter 1993

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Sugiura Kunie 01 Bomb 042

Kunie Sugiura, text and details from The Kitten Papers, 1992, two of seven photograms from an installation.

Two kittens were left on the photographic paper coralled overnight in the darkroom. In the morning, the paper was exposed, fixed. The procedure, repeated nightly for one week, became the Kitten Papers.

Sugiura Kunie 02 Bomb 042
Memory of Loss by Amanda Means
Bomb 59 Means1 Body
The Wick by Lamar Peterson
Lamar Peterson The Wick
Domestic Abstractions by Tony Tasset
Tony Tasset 02

Two framed animal hides, both titled Domestic Abstraction by Tony Tasset.

Impresse by Olivier Richon
 Olivier Richon

C-Print, titled Imprese, from the series From Near and From Afar by Olivier Richon. This article is only available in print.

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BOMB 42, Winter 1993

Featuring interviews with Richard Serra, Steve Buscemi, Neil Jordan, Tom Zé by David Byrne & Arto Lindsay, Sue Williams, Sarah Schulman, Ralph Lee, Coco Fusco & Guillermo Gómez, Don Scardino, Jeff Perrone, and Walter Hill.

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042 Winter 1993