The Joker Episode of the Avengers by Karen Kilimnik

BOMB 46 Winter 1994
046 Winter 1994

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46 Kilimnik 02 Body

Karen Kilimnik, The Joker Episode of the Avengers, 1991, (detail). Courtesy of 303 Gallery

In Memory of Joyce Pensato by Marcella Durand
Joyce Pensato 01
Utopian Benches: Francis Cape, Richard Torchia, and Daniel Fuller by Rachel Reese
Utopian Benches Body

Rachel Reese talks to artist Francis Cape along with curators Richard Torchia and Daniel Fuller about Cape’s Utopian Benches exhibition.

Beach Chair With Wings by Carol Jacque
41 Jacque Body

A sculpture of walkers and ace bandages, titled Beach Chair With Wings, by Carol Jacque.

Caribbean Tea Time by David Hockney
32 Helman 6 Hockney  Body

Lithograph, screen print, collage and stencil piece on a folding, five panel screen of a table set for tea, Caribbean Tea Time by David Hockney. This piece appears in the portfolio The Folding Screen, curated by Ursula Helman.

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BOMB 46, Winter 1994

Featuring interviews with Haruki Murakami, Ileana Douglas, Dan Graham, Mike Leigh, Campbell McGrath, Dona Nelson, Tran Anh Hung, Julius Hemphill, Stephen Wright, Robert Schenkkan, and Lawrence Gipe.

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046 Winter 1994