The Dark Room by Keiko Bonk

BOMB 10 Fall 1984
Issue 10 010  Fall 1984
Article 522  Bomb 10  Bonk 001

Keiko Bonk, The Dark Room, 1983, oil on cotton, 20 × 64½ inches. Courtesy of Piezo Electric.

Natalie Frank by Dasha Shishkin
Natalie Frank 01
Proper Fit by Nancy Johnson
23 Johnson 1 Body
Hiba Schahbaz Studio Visit by Christina D. Bartson
Hiba Schahbaz Studio1

Turning the gaze around.

Illustration and Language: Caitlin Keogh Interviewed by Caroline Elbaor

Painting the fragmented body.

Originally published in

BOMB 10, Fall 1984

María Irene Fornés, Jeff Weiss, art by Cindy Sherman, Billy Sullivan, Robert Gober, Laurie Simmons, and more.

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Issue 10 010  Fall 1984