The Cross of Charavaca by Chelo Amezcua

BOMB 45 Fall 1993
045 Fall 1993

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Bomb 45 Amezcua1 Body

Chelo Amezcua, The Cross of Caravaca, 1967, pencil and pen on paper, 20 × 30 inches. Courtesy of Cavin Morris Inc.

Bomb 45 Amezcua2 Body

Chelo Amezcua, Los Egipicios, pencil and pen on paper, 29 × 23 inches. Courtesy of Cavin Morris Inc.

Portfolio by Anouk Kruithof
Eija-Liisa Ahtila by Cary Wolfe
Ahtila 8 Body

“Breaking up perspective has long been one of the central themes in my works.”

Reverend Ethan Acres by David Pagel
​Reverend Ethan Acres

Good old-time religion and edgy, contemporary art make for odd bedfellows, but this unholy alliance thrives in the art and life of Reverend Ethan Acres.

Rivaulx Abbey, Interior of the Choir by Philip Henry Delamotte & Joseph Cundall
26 Delamotte Body

An albumen print, titled Rivaulx Abbey, Interior of the Choir, by Philip Henry Delamotte and Joseph Cundall.

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BOMB 45, Fall 1993

Featuring interviews with Gus Van Sant, Trisha Brown, Bernard Cooper, Francine Prose by Deborah Eisenberg, Mike Bidlo, Rob Weiss, Han Ong, Chen Kaige, Lawrence Chua, and Garry Lang.

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045 Fall 1993