The Commands of Desire by Shirley Kaneda

BOMB 37 Fall 1991

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

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Shirley Kaneda, The Commands of Desire (detail), 1991, oil on canvas, 48 × 42 inches.

Shirley Kaneda by David Clarkson
Kaneda 01 Body
Portfolio by Lori Ellison
Ellison Lori 01 Bomb 133
Kate Manheim by David Salle
Man 01

David Salle on how Kate Manheim’s work as an actor informs the creation of her rich, kaleidoscopic abstracts.

Stephen Mueller by Joe Fyfe
Mueller 01 Body

I have been following Stephen Mueller’s work for 20 years. I didn’t understand it right away but some work plants itself in your mind and its logic begins to grow there. These earthly sensual paintings display a rare pictorial intelligence and an emerging cosmic ferocity.

Originally published in

BOMB 37, Fall 1991
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