The Artist on Holiday by Geralyn Donohue

BOMB 36 Summer 1991

Home of the Bill T. Jones / Arnie Zane Company

36 Donohue 3 Body

Geralyn Donahue, The Artist on Holiday, 1991, black and white photograph. Courtesy of Postmasters.

Four Paintings by Alfred Leslie
Alfred Leslie 13 62 1 Body
Memory of Loss by Amanda Means
Bomb 59 Means1 Body

This First Proof contains flower images, Memory of Loss by Amanda Means.

Four Poems by Rusty Morrison

This First Proof contains four poems titled “An Intersection of Leaves not Likeness” and “An Intersection of Leaves not Loss.”

Kathleen Jamie’s Findings: Essays on the Natural and Unnatural World & Waterlight: Selected Poems by Brad Kessler
Kathleen Jamie

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BOMB 36, Summer 1991
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