The Art Residency by Rebecca Patek

The Art Residency was filmed this past summer during performance artist Rebecca Patek”s weeklong residency at Earthdance.

Rebecca Patek will perform in CATCH 60 on January 11th at the Invisible Dog as a part of the COILFestival. Her work, ineter(a)nal f/ear, will be presented at Abrons Arts Center as a part of American Realness January 14-16th.

Rebecca Patek is a New York-based choreographer and performance artist who creates work that synthesizes dance, theater, and comedy. Her work has recently been commissioned by the Museum of Arts and Design, the Chocolate Factory Theater, and Festival TBD: Emergency Glitter.

Moriah Evans by Lawrence Kumpf
Moriah Evans 01 Bomb 132
Getting Well Together: NIC Kay Interviewed by Vanessa Thill
Nic Kay1

Discipline, resistance, and care flow through the performance artist’s work.

Jack Ferver by Joshua Lubin-Levy

Otherness is always such a big part of my work. Formally, I don’t fit any specific niche in performance. Some works, like this one, are theater that use dance. Some are more dance heavy, or maybe only dance if I’m making ballet.

Meg Stuart and Damaged Good’s BLESSED by Lauren Bakst

Stuart’s dance piece BLESSED offers a mediation on what happens when the world around us falls apart, and the state of falling apart is the only thing to rely on.