Tableau with Beast & Pillars by Bernie Miller

BOMB 23 Spring 1988
023 Spring 1988
Bernie Miller Bomb 23

Bernie Miller, Tableau with Beast & Pillars, 1984, steel and sheet metal. Courtesy of Sable-Castelli.

Richard Serra by David Seidner
​Richard Serra 06
Untitled Sculpture by Robert Hudson
Article 161 4  Robert Hudson
David Rabinowitch by David Carrier
Rabinowitch 02B Body

Philosopher David Carrier has a special understanding for sculptor David Rabinowitch’s influences: Hume, Spinoza and Wittgenstein. Based on an interview, a text on philosophy, sculpture and Rabinowitch’s methodology.

Two Works by Sol LeWitt
54 Lewitt 01 Body

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BOMB 23, Spring 1988

Paul Auster by Joseph Mallia, Black-Eyed Susan, Jeanne-Pierre Gorin, April Gornik, Freya Hansell & Susan Rothenberg.

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023 Spring 1988