Stomach by Kiki Smith

BOMB 18 Winter 1987
018 Winter 1987
Bomb 18 Smith Body

Kiki Smith, Stomach, from Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law, 1985, from a portfolio of color monoprints. Courtesy Fawbush Editions.

Two Works by Steve Keister
27 Keister 01 Body

Untitled sculpture and Cat Scan silkscreen and Xerox process print on Masa Japanese paper, edition of 25, by Steve Keister.

Two Prints by Rayberry
19 Rayberry Body

Two works by Rayberry—Life’s Charges, linoleum block and The Earth is Halfway Between Light and Dark, mezzotint on copper.

Two Prints by Andy Warhol
Bomb 16 Warhol Body

Two serigraphs from a portfolio of 10—Sitting Bull and General Custer from the Cowboys and Indians series by Andy Warhol.

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BOMB 18, Winter 1987

Martin Amis, Gretchen Bender by Cindy Sherman, Charles Henri Ford, and Roland Joffé.

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018 Winter 1987