St. Cloud by Eugène Atget

BOMB 13 Fall 1985
013 Fall 1985
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Eugène Atget, St. Cloud, 1926 (cat. 94).

Four Works by Andrew Lord
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Joseph Bartscherer by James Welling
Bartscherer 01 Body

In memory of Joseph Bartscherer (1954–2020), BOMB is reposting this interview from 2008.

Sean McFarland by Ashley Stull

Finding landscapes in the least obvious places.

Björn Larsson by Rachel Reese
Works of Translation

Photographer Björn Larsson discusses the perception shifts he experienced when documenting the miraculously slow and unrelenting growth of nature.

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BOMB 13, Fall 1985

David Salle, John Huston, Richard Chaves & Vincent Caristi, art by Carroll Dunham, Moira Dryer, and more.

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013 Fall 1985