Spirits of Manhattan by Kathleen White

BOMB 60 Summer 1997
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Kathleen White 01 Bomb 060

Kathleen White, (detail) Spirits of Manhattan, 1996, hair, monofilament. All images courtesy Morris Healy Gallery.

Kathleen White 02 Bomb 060

Kathleen White, (detail of installation) Spirits of Manhattan, 1996, hair, monofilament.

Leeza Meksin by Sophie Pinkham
Meksin 01
The Magic Flute Back Stage by Karen Kilimnik
46 Kilimnik 01 Body
Erasure Series by Gary Simmons
Gary Simmons 01 Bomb 040

Two wall drawings, from the Erasure Series, by Gary Simmons.

Citta by Maurizio Pellegrin
Pellegrin 001 Body

Mixed media work, titled Citta, by Maurizio Pellegrin. 

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BOMB 60, Summer 1997

Featuring interviews with Barry Le Va, Jane Dickson, John Lee Anderson, Lydia Davis, Judy Davis, Peter Greenaway, Roger Guenveur Smith, David Del Tredici, Alfred Uhry, and David Armstrong.

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Bombcover 60 1024X1024