Song of the Andoumboulou: 255 by Nathaniel Mackey

BOMB 152 Summer 2020
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Nathaniel Mackey’s most recent book of poetry is Blue Fasa (New Directions, 2015). Forthcoming from New Directions in 2021 is Double Trio, a three-book set from which the poem in this issue is taken.

Harmony Holiday by Farid Matuk
Miles Davis Trumpets

“I don’t want the kind of career where everything is sensible and safe; I’d rather suffer through the anxiety of wondering where I’m going next than suffer the boredom of dancing in the same safe square.”

Compass Poems by Allison Parrish
Allison Parrish Compass Poems Spread Bomb Magazine 154 Winter 2021

To create her compass poems, poet and programmer Allison Parrish trained a machine learning model with two parts: one spells words based on how they sound, and the other sounds out words based on how they’re spelled.

The Art of the Word: Patty Larkin Interviewed by Yvonne Conza
Patty Larkin

On writing music to the poems of Nick Flynn, Marie Howe, Natalie Diaz, and others.

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BOMB 152, Summer 2020

Our summer issue includes interviews with Amoako Boafo, Jibz Cameron, Brenda Goodman, Odili Donald Odita, Jenny Offill, Nicolas Party, Rowan Ricardo Phillips, and Craig Taborn; poetry by Safia Elhillo and Nathaniel Mackey; prose by Lydia Davis, Marie-Helene Bertino, and Saidiya Hartman; and more.

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152 Cover