Three Poems by shireen alia ahmed

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Artwork by shireen alia ahmed.

U R L Ying 1
U R L Ying 2
U R L Ying 3

shireen alia ahmed is a writer and video artist living in Brooklyn, NY. She is interested in creating spaces that evoke desire and geometry. She has read and shown work at Spoonbill Books, Unnameable Books, MX Gallery, 315 Gallery, Housing, Chroma, Nada NY, and Interstate Projects.

The Form Vampire: An Interview with Carmen Maria Machado by Liza St. James
Machado Banner

“Our bodies are graveyards of cells, the source of art, inherently finite, constantly decaying.”

Juliet Jacques by Rebekah Weikel
Juliet Jacques 1

“Radical spaces can generate and evolve ideas and tactics, some of which cross over into mainstream culture—and need to.”

Carolee Schneemann by Coleen Fitzgibbon
Carolee Schneemann 01 Bomb 132

Breaking the Frame, a film by Marielle Nitoslawska about Schneemann’s unique legacy, serves as a departure point for an exchange about the “beauty paradox,” historical and contemporary patriarchies, and the artist’s ongoing subversion of gender codes.