Send Us Your C.P.A (Camera Phone Art) by Ben Handzo

BOMB 107 Spring 2009
Issue 107 0  Cover

Ben discovers a disturbing winter wonderland inside a painted over window and snaps a picture. He encourages others to submit their camera phone art to the blog.

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I was walking my dog on Canal St. and came across this strange painted-over window. Turns out it was Huang Xi’s “Winter Landscape” in Terence Koh’s Asia Song Society=”_blank”gallery. It made me realize that we come across art everyday (whether it’s Art or art) and we always have a camera. So we want all our faithful readers to submit their Camera Phone Art (CPA). Whether its pictures of found Art (or “art”), or surreptitious captures in places where there’s “no photography allowed”. Send it to and we’ll put it up.

Btw here’s what’s inside:

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Street Portraits by Rachael Romero

Watercolors Street Portraits; Blood Sisters; Schnookems, NYC; and Herb, NYC by Rachael Romero.

Sending Out the Signal: Swoon Interviewed by Katie Peyton

“I take myself, my drawings, and this little bundle of creative forces that is me, and I try to make a chemical reaction with the world.”—Swoon

Manuel DeLanda: ISM ISM by Jon Dieringer
Ismism Edit Tg Copy

To witness the vulgar, Zap Comix–inspired panorama in Manuel DeLanda’s 1979 film ISM ISM—its blubbering testicle-breasts and segmented-plumber’s-pipe phallus scrawled in marker on the tiled walls of a Manhattan subway station, just to start—is to share in the brief, bewildering encounter a commuter may have had with street art before the soap and cleaning brushes arrived.

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BOMB 107, Spring 2009

Featuring interviews with Adam Bartos and A.M. Homes, Jacqueline Humphries, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, Andrei Codrescu, Mary Gaitskill, Matthew Buckingham, and Pauline Oliveros. 

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Issue 107 0  Cover