Self-Portraits 1 and 1A by Claudia Hart

BOMB 30 Winter 1990
030 Winter 1989 90

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30 Hart Body

Claudia Hart, Self-portraits 1 and 1A, 1989. Courtesy Pat Hearn.

Cindy Sherman by Betsy Sussler
Sherman 01
Self Portraits by Kiki Smith
All images: Kiki Smith, Self Portraits, 1993. Courtesy of Joe Fawbush Gallery.

Three self-portraits by Kiki Smith.

Two Photographs by Susan Unterberg
Bomb 14 Unterberg1 Body

Two photographic portraits, Self-Portrait and Mother Series by Susan Unterberg.

Four Drawings by Jonathan Borofsky

Self-Portrait at 2,668,379 and 2,670,098; Untitled at 2,775,883; Don’t you see it wasn’t meant to be…at 2,273,934; and Head at 2,289,440.

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BOMB 30, Winter 1990

Featuring interviews with Mary Gaitskill, Carroll Dunham, Richard Price, Eduardo Machado, Sarah Charlesworth, Jane Campion, Fay Weldon, Anish Kapoor, Atom Egoyan with Arsinée Khanjian, Katell le Bourhis, and Jonathan Lasker.

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030 Winter 1989 90