Second Sight for a Staircase by Dennis Oppenheim

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Second Sight for a Staircase, 1980–81, AMAM Geneva, and Kunsthaus Zurich, 15’ x 30” x 60”. Photo by Walter Dryer

Canvas bellows on grinding wheels with carbon arc light mounted behind adjustable glass plates. Magnetic pendulum with six butane canisters, motorized rotating armature with fireworks (sparklers, rockets and roman candles), rotating central armature with fire works and wax candles mounted between copper and galvanized cutting disks. Silvered reflector shields, suspended transparent drum skins mounted on mesh screens, copper launching stacks on casters with loading device supported by overhead boom.

Mark Pauline by Bill Edmondson
Pauline 01

Mark Pauline and Survival Research Laboratories are leading exponents of machine performance.

Four Poems by Friederike Mayröcker
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on up the mirroring woodpath that is mirroring from / the glaring lake to the right as towards us 1 beautiful wanderer / and over the roots of the mighty trees I strayed / while the clanging sun that is the high midday light / dusted through the vaulted treetops that time in Altaussee

Intimate Variations: Other Romances at Rachel Uffner Gallery by Katherine Brewer Ball
Romances1 New

Extending the possibilities of relation.