Two Poems by Sarah M. Sala

Bottled  Water On Mars  Slopes At Horowitz Crater Graphite On Paper Elizabeth Devlin Elizabeth Devlin Art Com 2015

Elizabeth Devlin, Bottled “Water On Mars” Slopes At Horowitz Crater, graphite on paper.

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Sarah M. Sala is a queer poet of Polish-Lebanese descent. Her debut collection, Devil’s Lake is forthcoming from Tolsun Books June 2020. She is the founder of the free poetry workshop, Office Hours, and Assistant Poetry Editor at the Bellevue Literary Review. Her work appears in BOMB, the Southampton Review, and the Los Angeles Review. Visit her at and @sarahmsala.

Artist’s note: The #wateronmars series responds to NASA’s announcement that the Curiosity Rover found direct evidence of an ancient streambed in Gale Crater, my personal contemplations about water waste and the environment, and a 2015 article in Guardian by George Monbiot where he writes: “Think of what would change if we valued terrestrial water as much as we value the possibility of water on Mars. Only 3% of the water on this planet is fresh; and of that, two-thirds is frozen. Yet we lay waste to the accessible portion.”

Vi Khi Nao by Louis Elliott
Vi Khi Nao Covers

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Cathy Park Hong by Ken Chen
Minor Feelings Mockup

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One Poem by Jon Ruseski
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Maybe // There is // A genealogy of suffering // How // This morning // I read // Minimalism is the aesthetic code of gentrification // Really I want to say // Make less art