Sally Beers (Umbrella Raincoat) and Yorke & Cole by Ray Smith

BOMB 24 Summer 1988
024 Summer 1988
24 Smith Body

Ray Smith, Sally Beers (Umbrella Raincoat) and Yorke & Cole, 1988.

Mats Gustavson by David Seidner
Mats Gustavson 01 Bomb 027

Profile and portfolio of Mats Gustavson by David Seidner.

The Wick by Lamar Peterson
Lamar Peterson The Wick
The Kitten Papers by Kunié Sugiura
Sugiura Kunie 01 Bomb 042

Two photograms featuring imprints left by kittens on photographic paper.

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BOMB 24, Summer 1988

Richard Prince by Marvin Heiferman, Christian Lacroix, Sandra Bernhard by Gary Indiana, John Patrick Shanley, Gregor von Rezzori, Cristobal Balenciaga, and more.

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024 Summer 1988