Ruby Range by Don Steinmetz

New York Live Arts presents

Marjani Forte
Nov 15-19

Don Steinmetz Bomb 15

Don Steinmetz, Ruby Range, 1980, charcoal on paper, 20 × 30 inches.

Untitled Drawing by Richard Nabhan
36 Nabhan 3 Body
Catherine Howe by Madeline Weinrib
Howe 3 Body

During the 1990s, Catherine Howe and I were painters in the same downtown studio building at the edge of the West Side Highway and frequent visitors to each other’s work space. 

Beatrice Caracciolo by George Negroponte
71 Caracciolo 01 Body

All that I look for is right here in Beatrice Caracciolo’s work: weight, touch, light, atmosphere, scale. 

George Negroponte by Betsy Sussler
Negroponte 01

At one time the paintings were all atmosphere. There was no ground, no topography upon which the eye could settle—time was fluid—and what lurked beneath the surface referred more to collective memory than the painter’s marks.