Roger Newton by Adam Fuss

BOMB 59 Spring 1997
Issue 59 059  Spring 1997
Bomb 59 Newton1 Body

Roger Newton, Untitled, edition of 1, gelatin silver print. All images courtesy David Zwirner Gallery.

Roger Newton practices the photography of the unseen and indefinable by dispensing with the preformed materials of a craft and by a mastery of the archaic theories of silver and light. He’s entered a personal Lascaux and discovered the meaning of the passage of light through honey.

Image as UFO, abducting me to an alien landscape, and the palpable souls of my unknown ancestors. These are works from behind the retina, only their shadows are preserved with our eyes—and where the shadows tear, there’s a growing intestinal fear of the unimagined.

I truly wish to see his work but with the weight of gaze they transform to mirror.

Bomb 59 Newton3 Body

Roger Newton, Untitled, 1996, gelatin silver photograph, edition of 1, 39⅝ x 59⅜ inches.

Bomb 59 Newton4 Body

Roger Newton, Untitled, 1996, gelatin silver photograph, edition of 1, 39⅝ x 59⅜ inches.

Adam Fuss by Ross Bleckner
Fuss01 Body
Lisa Sanditz by Kanishka Raja
Sanditz Lisa 01

A landscape painter explores the “bright, exuberant, plastic toxicity” oozing from the colors of our contemporary environment.

Sheree Hovsepian by Haley Mellin
Untitled #21, from the series Haptic Wonders, 2013, unique silver gelatin photogram, 20 × 16 inches. Courtesy of the artist and Monique Meloche Gallery, Chicago.

Hovsepian addresses current matters in her work, but she does so in a vocabulary that moves beyond binaries and beyond Western mentality, one that follows a different way of thinking and feeling.

Portfolio by Asger Carlsen
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BOMB 59, Spring 1997

Featuring interviews with Tim Roth, Amy Hempel, Emmylou Harris, Matthew Ritchie, Wallace Shawn, Christian Wolff, Gilles Peress, Kendall Thomas, and George Walker.

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Issue 59 059  Spring 1997