Renovation by Rocky Schenck

BOMB 35 Spring 1991

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Rocky Schenck, Renovation, 1990, black-and-white photograph.

The City That Wasn’t by Pierre Alexandre de Looz
Unbuilt Ny 01 Bomb 137

An architect conjures the ghosts of New York’s unbuilt past.

No. XXXXXXXXXX by Ramiro Chaves

No. XXXXXXXXXX is a personal atlas of the ways in which the letter X has been used in contemporary Mexican architecture.

Christopher Payne’s Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals by Peter Moysaenko
Article 4814  Christopher Payne

From the destruction of King George’s likeness at Bowling Green, to the paving over of Native American earthworks, to the debasement of Penn Station and the ongoing disappearing acts of ballparks and churches, it’s becoming more and more clear that American architecture is an architecture of impermanence.

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BOMB 35, Spring 1991
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